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What to Know Before You Invest in Attic Insulation


A Homeowners Guide to Attic Insulation and Understanding Home Comfort, Energy Efficiency and the Vital Role It Plays in Getting the Most From Your Dollar. 


Attic Insulation: The Most Important part of insulating Your Home for Comfort and Energy Savings

Ignored. Never entered. Out of sight and out of mind. We're all guilty of ignoring our attic space – we're here to explain why your attic space should be top-of-mind.

While you don’t hang out in your attic, it’s the most important part of your home in terms of your family’s comfort and lowering your utility costs. Attic insulation is the most commonly overlooked part of a home both, while you live in it, as well as, when it was being built. 

Most attic insulation is installed to the lowest possible standard, at the cheapest possible cost, while cutting the most corners during the home building process. 



Your Attic insulation Performance May Surprise You! 

Most attics leak over 70% of the air (and energy) from inside your home. Why? Because sealing the structural part of your attic was not part of the building code process until after 2012. 

A Leaky attic costs you hundreds of dollars each year and thousands over time! 

This means air sealing and insulating your attic is the right first step in making your home more comfortable, energy efficient and lowering your monthly utility bills—FOREVER! 



Is Your Attic Insulation Performing Like a 1975 Buick Station Wagon? 

Technologies change, and insulation technology is no different. Chances are good if your attic insulation is old fiberglass that hasn’t been updated or improved upon, your home is getting the equivalent “fuel economy” of an old Buick. 

In 1975 attic insulation building code was 3” or R-10. Today’s Energy Star Standard is 17” or R-60 which provides optimum comfort, energy efficiency and 25% to 50% energy savings! 


poorly sealed Homes with little attic insulation and the Oven-to-Igloo Syndrome


poor attic insulation makes the home feel like an oven. 

poor attic insulation makes the home feel like an igloo. 


Energy Star Standard Attic Insulation And Air Sealing Stops the Oven-to-Igloo Syndrome


The Case to Replace attic Insulation

Because air sealing is the most important first step in high performance attic insulation, in many cases the old insulation is simply in the way and would be better off completely removed.


Your attic could be a candidate to completely remove and replace the old insulation if: 

  • The attic is under-insulated

  • The attic insulation is poorly installed

  • The attic insulation material is unhealthy (fiberglass, rockwool, vermiculite, asbestos, etc.)

  • There is a lot of dust, debris and or rodent infestation present

  • The attic insulation is old (10+ years)


Air Sealing & R-60 Energy Star Standard Attic Insulation Results

Attics that are air-sealed before insulating to Energy Star standards outperform attics simply insulated by “adding more” by 4 to 1. In most cases, air-sealed and insulated attics achieve an average energy savings of 29% to 64% and produce a 10% or greater Return-On-Investment. 



High Performance Attic Insulation Techniques Transform Your Home From an Uncomfortable Energy "Hog" to a Comfy, Cozy Energy Star!

Using State-of-the=Art Insulation Products and Techniques, We Can Make Your Home Comfortable While Reducing Utility Bills 25–70%!

Why We Are In Business & What We Believe

  • BREAKING THE STATUS QUO – We believe your home or building deserves more than bare minimum, obsolete building code insulation materials, techniques, and methods.

  • IMPROVED COMFORT – We believe your home or building should be the place that provides you greater warmth and comfort.

  • IMPROVED HEALTH – We believe your home or building should be healthy and not bring harm to people inside.

  • HIGHER EFFICIENCY – We believe your home or building should not waste energy.

  • GREATER VALUE – We believe your home or building should bring value.