Joplin Church Gets Gutters

A church in Joplin has received new gutters and downspouts to help with their watershed problems. We're not afraid of heights. If you're needing gutters, we'd be glad to help! Get a quote online.

Sustainable Fiberglass Insulation

Knauf EcoBatt and EcoRoll Fiberglass Insulation

It’s not the prettiest insulation on the market, that’s for sure. While it may lack in the looks department, what it is made up of more than makes up for its lackluster exterior. Knauff EcoBatt and EcoRoll fiberglass insulation usher in a new generation of sustainable fiberglass insulation. Its brown color comes from ECOSE Technology; a revolutionary binding agent that further extends the sustainability of the product. ECOSE holds the product together, giving it shape, and its brown color. The ECOSE binding agent is plant based, replacing the traditional phenol/formaldehyde (PF) binder that has been traditionally used in this insulation product category. Furthermore, EcoBatt and EcoRoll Insulation combines sand, one of the most abundant resources, recycled bottle glass and ECOSE to create the sustainable product.


It’s because of this high recycled content that Knauf EcoBatt and EcoRoll have achieved a UL Environment claim validation for over 50% recycled glass content. In addition, it has also received a UL Greenguard Gold certification for low chemical emissions, as well as being verified to be formaldehyde-free. And if that isn't cool enough – the makers, Kanuf Insulation, are excellent stewards of sustainability

Preparing for Fall with Spray Foam


Fall is here, and that means the weather will soon begin to change across the country. Cooler, more windy, and rainy weather is just around the corner, but the question is, are you and your home prepared? You can be, if you upgrade your home’s existing insulation with spray foam insulation like Icynene.

Spray foam insulation is the ideal solution to stop drafts and keep your home comfortable, due to its ability to create an effective air seal wherever it’s applied. Thanks to the way Icynene expands to close to one hundred times its initial size, within seconds of application, this effective foam insulation can fill tiny cracks and gaps in your home that traditional insulation mightn’t have reached.

As well, if you’re wondering how to reduce heating bills, once fall arrives, Icynene is an ideal choice. The air barrier it creates in your home, which can lead to higher energy efficiency, can help to reduce heating and cooling bills year round. In fact, the savings you experience in monthly heating and cooling bills can see Icynene paying for itself in as little as three years.

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